Status Page

The Status page is the main page of the GeoWebCache web interface. It as accessible at http://<GEOWEBCACHE_URL>. For example, if geowebcache is running in Tomcat on port 8080, the URL would be http://localhost:8080/geowebcache.

This page also provides a link to the Demo Page.

Capabilities documents

GeoWebCache operates as a WMS 1.1.1, WMTS 1.0.0, and a TMS 1.0.0 server, and thus publishes capabilities documents for all these services.



WMS 1.1.1


WMTS 1.0.0


TMS 1.0.0


Runtime statistics

The Status page displays basic runtime statistics including: uptime; how many requests have been made; total and peak throughput and statitics over intervals of 3, 15, and 60 seconds.

In Memory Cache statistics

If the blobstore object used is an instance of MemoryBlobStore, the user can find a new section called In Memory Cache statistics, containing the statistics of the cache used by the blobstore. Note that these statistics are related to the local entries, even in case of distributed in-memory caching.

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