GeoWebCache requires authentication to perform certain operations, such as reconfiguration or seeding. By default WEB-INF\ looks like this:


Change geowebcache to your desired username and secured to your password of choice. It is recommended that you use only ASCII characters.

Fine-grained control can be implemented using an external proxy or servlet filter, or within GeoWebCache by using a request filter. Advanced users who understand ACEGI may want to edit acegi-config.xml as well.

Proxy Requests

The WMS Service can proxy requests it does not understand to a WMS back end. By specifying GEOWEBCACHE_WMS_PROXY_REQUEST_WHITELIST. It should be set to a semicolon separated list of request types. * will allow all requests.

By default, it is set to * unless there are SecurityFilter extensions installed in which case it defaults to GetLegendGraphic. GetMap, GetCapabillities, and GetFeatureInfo are all interpreted by GWC rather than proxied and so are not affected by the whitelist.

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